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January 26, 2016


With so many colleges and universities available to apply to, students can easily find themselves overwhelmed throughout the application process. Aside from the stress and time commitment to finishing your applications, figuring out which schools are a good fit for you is a tough conclusion to come to. So before you get started on the long journey that is applying to college, we asked some of our Emerson users what they would change about the process to help you understand different perspectives:

mtanenbaum - If I had to change something about my application process, it would honestly be that I wish I’d applied to more, and more varied, schools. I regret not applying to places more widely. At the end of it all, what you really want more than anything is a choice. If you don’t apply to enough schools, you may not have one. This year was a particularly difficult one, and I know of many people who were boxed into going to schools that they never really wanted to go to. That said, they are great schools and I’m sure they’ll have a great time, but no one should start their college experience by griping about how their school wasn’t their first choice. So apply to more places (assuming you have the means to). Apply to a bunch of places. Be sure to apply to a good amount of safeties, and there’s absolutely no harm in applying to a reach or two. You never know what could happen! Oh, one more thing: apply to as many places as you can early action. Just knowing where you’re at before you send in the remainder of your applications is a godsend. You can really prioritize that way, and you can laugh maniacally as everyone else is even more stressed out as you, but still cry hysterically because you’re really stressed out, too.

Suchita - Edit! In hindsight, I should have other people (i.e. teachers) give my essays a look. It’s really easy, even for the best of writers, to make stupid mistakes when they’re really stressed about college apps/exams which are often happening at the same time. A second opinion on your essays might also take you in a different direction with your topic, one that is perhaps not as commonly done. No matter how unique you think you are with stuff, chances are, it’s been done a lot, so get someone else to take a look and give you their thoughts!

alysen_smith - I applied to eleven schools in all. I wanted to make absolutely sure that I was going to go to college and that I would have options to choose from once I had heard back from each school. But this was a huge waste of time and money—rather than spending hours and application fees on several schools, take the time to select a few that are a perfect fit for you.

tylah.silva - One of my biggest regrets is not applying for the honors program. I was so swamped that week at school that I did not feel up to writing a separate essay to get in. However, the honors program at my school offers a good scholarship that pretty much pays for most of my tuition. That would have really helped me and quelled some of the anxiety that I have over my finances.

carad - I should have looked at more colleges. I looked at either reach schools or safeties. I am really happy with where I ended up, but I wish I had looked at more colleges. I had a really horrible guidance department that didn’t help me find more places to look. I would have liked more help finding other colleges.

emilyhillebrand - I wouldn’t stress so much or start so late. Try to work on your application a little every day - set time aside for it like homework. And don’t worry too much, because it will all work out, even if that seems impossible and even if you end up somewhere you had never pictured yourself before.

matt.dinnocenzo - Do not apply to more than 5-6 schools. You’re only putting off the decision. Apply only to schools you’d see yourself LOVING, cut the alternatives. It’s easier and cheaper to decide before you apply.pan> - Think about financial aid. I know that I did not put enough focus on how difficult it would be to keep up with my tuition cost. Student debt is no joke.

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