12 Days of Freebies: Refer Friends & Redeem Holiday Perks

December 08, 2017

December is here! Do you know what that means? 12 Days of Christmas free stuff!

This December we are bringing you holiday perks to boost your college applications. Whether you need it now to get you to the application finish line, or throughout the upcoming year to prepare for admissions season, these 12 days are going to be a treat!

How it Works

Step 1: Every day, from December 8th through December 19th, 2017, a new holiday perk will be unlocked. 

Step 2: Once unlocked, we will let you know the number of referrals you need to redeem it! 

Step 3: Refer friends with your unique referral code via social media, email or word of mouth.

Step 4: Check back anytime to see how many referrals you’ve made

Step 5: Once you’ve hit the number of referrals you need, let us know which perk you want to redeem

It’s that easy! See something you really want in upcoming perks? Start spreading the love, refer friends and check back every day to see how many referrals you need! 

Upcoming Perks

 12/8: 25 Successful Ivy League Admission Essays (2 Referrals to Redeem!)
Get a copy of our 25 Successful Ivy League Admissions Essays for free! Sourced from AdmitSee’s database of thousands of college applications, these 25 essays were curated by New York-based copy editing service, Here to Edit, for their creative topics, authentic voices, and compelling story. Find out how these essays caught the eye of Here to Edit’s editor, what you can learn from these successful essays and how to further improve on them. 

 12/9: 15 min Consultation w/ AdmitSee Team Member (2 Referrals to Redeem!) 
Get on the phone or Skype with an AdmitSee Team Member to get your applications questions answered. Whether you have questions about standardized testing or college interviews, we are here to help guide you through it. 

 12/10: Free Essay Analysis on our Automated Essay Coach (2 Referrals to Redeem!)
The Automated Essay Coach applies WriteLab’s natural language processing technology to AdmitSee’s repository of essays and extensive vault of historical data to analyze an applicant’s essay and deliver AI-driven feedback. Get your essay analyzed for free!

 12/11: Q&A with a College Student! (3 Referrals to Redeem!)
Want to know more about the campus culture at your top choice? Or learn more about the department you’re considering studying in? There’s no better person to ask than a current college student. Choose a student in our database you want to speak to, and we’ll connect you to them for a Q&A session to learn more about the school you’re applying to. 

 12/12: 25 Successful College Admission Essays from New Ivies (2 Referrals to Redeem!) 
Grab a copy of the 25 Successful College Admissions Essays from New Ivies for free! Sourced from AdmitSee.com’s database of thousands of college application files, these 25 essays were hand-picked by New York -based premier essay editing boutique, Pithy Edits, for their creative structure, compelling storytelling and personal insights. Learn the do’s and don’ts of writing your personal statement with real application examples. 

 12/13: $20 in AdmitSee Credits (2 Referrals to Redeem!)
Refer friends and get an extra $20 credits added to your AdmitSee account. Credits are applicable to any of our subscription plans and to our Automated Essay Coach. Start unlocking successful college applications files or get your essay analyzed at a discount.

 12/14: 15min Consultation w/ AdmitSee Team Member (2 Referrals to Redeem!)

Get on the phone or Skype with an AdmitSee Team Member to get your applications questions answered. Whether you have questions about standardized testing or college interviews, we are here to help guide you through it. Stackable with 12/9 holiday perk for a 30min consultation!

 12/15: College Application Strategy Session (5 Referrals to Redeem!)

Just started looking at colleges? Meet with our team and we’ll help you plan out your college application strategy based on your profile (interests, grades, test scores, etc). By the end, you will have an application timeline you can follow and feel better prepared for the application process. 

 12/16: Supplemental Essay Review (5 Referrals to Redeem!)

Have few additional writing supplements you want a pair of fresh eyes on? Our team will provide comprehensive editing and feedback on two (2) supplemental essays of your choice. Our feedback includes edits to essay structure and flow, clarity of message or theme, consistency of style and tone, grammar and concision. 

 12/17: Essay Planning Session (5 Referrals to Redeem!)

Got a writer’s block? It’s not always easy to know where to start with your personal statement or supplemental essay. We’ll bring you through our essay planning method to help you brainstorm and develop your college application essay. 

 12/18: Personal Statement Review (7 Referrals to Redeem!)

See if your desired message comes across in your personal statement. Our team will read your personal statement, and provide a review on what we learned about you through you essay, specifically your personality and your interests. If there are key points that don’t align, we’ll provide suggestions on how to improve or further emphasize specific qualities about yourself in your writing. 

 12/19: Holistic Application Review (5 Referrals to Redeem!)

Our team will review and provide feedback on your entire application, including your essays, extracurriculars, test scores, etc. The purpose of this review is to help you tie your application together, by finding ways to emphasize your strengths and interests with your application materials. 

* Note: You cannot redeem a perk that has not been unlocked yet. All referrals must be verified (verification occurs at sign-up). Perks are not transferable.

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AdmitSee Staff
AdmitSee Staff

​We remember our frustration with applying to college and the lack of information surrounding it. So we created AdmitSee to bring much-needed transparency to the application process! Read more about the team here.

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