Does Your College Choice Affect Your Future Career?

March 06, 2017

For many applicants, college is a place to explore academic paths and discover new interests. That’s why so many students apply to college as undecided majors. However, should you (and how much should you) consider your future career when applying to college or when choosing which school to ultimately attend? 

Our college admits weigh in on what they think and whether or not they took that into account when they applied and enrolled at their college. 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology ‘16

I think this depends a lot on your career future, or how that future changes. By going to MIT as a tech school, I did choose not to pursue certain things as an undergraduate - like, we don’t have an art history department. But I can still pursue those options in graduate school or as a life long learner. I think the most impactful thing is the connection you create with other people in your career field. Knowing a pioneer in the archaeology of Andean metallurgy or the foremost researcher in the materials of batteries: those are connections that affect your career future.


Boston College ‘16

One thing I considered in terms of college and my future career was the area in which I want to live post graduation.  I only applied to schools in the Northeast, mainly because the schools here have connections with surrounding companies.  I also applied to good schools whose names alone will benefit me as I apply for jobs in the real world.  I also looked at the campus career centers, looking into the resources that all of the schools had.


University of Pennsylvania ‘17

Your college choice definitely affects your career future.  Your access to jobs at specific companies changes dramatically based on colleges, as some companies have specific relationships with certain schools, and do recruiting exclusively at those schools.  If you know what companies or industries you want to enter, or a specific grad school you want to attend, definitely take that into account when you choose a school.  If you are not sure, which is more likely as you’re applying to college, then look at schools with strong programs in fields you are potentially interested in, as that will usually correlate with strong recruiting in those areas.



Georgetown University ‘18

Georgetown is located in the nation’s capital, which is perfect for students interested in politics or possibly for non-profit organizations, which are plentiful in DC. But the school’s location is also great for students interested in other careers. For example, my current career plans are in journalism and/or German. The German Embassy isn’t far from campus, and the Georgetown German Department even offers occasional events hosted in coordination with the embassy, which is great for making connections and learning more about Germany. Your college choice can play a big role in your future internships and connections, which can certainly affect your career future.


College of William and Mary ‘15

This is important because schools that rank higher in overall academic standards does not necessarily have the highest rank for a specific program. For example, VCU is ranked lower than UVA in overall academic rigor, but VCU is known for having one of the best medical programs in Virginia. For this reason it is important to conduct in-depth research. In the case of myself, research I found identified that W&M ranked number 1 in Undergraduate Marketing studies. So when choosing between UVA and W&M I chose W&M.

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Frances Wong

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