Nonprofits That Help Kids Get Into College

February 10, 2017

College admission, even with a scholarship in tow, can be downright expensive. Regardless of bright personalities and inquisitive minds, many high school graduates never achieve post-secondary degrees because they can’t afford the tuition and lack access to support services.

Recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics showed that as of 2014, just 52 percent of low-income students were enrolled in four-year colleges, and 57 percent were enrolled in two-year community colleges. This number is substantially lower than that of higher-income students, at 80 and 83 percent enrollment, respectively. With statistics only marginally better than 25 years ago, there is a clear need for change.

The price of tuition continues to rise each year, and without assistance, many low-income students will continue to struggle with the cost of college admission. The good news is that nonprofit organizations exist that help students just like you get into and graduate from college, without letting low funds bar the way to success.

How to Search for Nonprofits

Your first step is to conduct a basic internet search; you could use a search phrase like “how to get into college” or “nonprofits to help with college.” Your search should readily turn up organizations designed to put students first, regardless of family income levels.

These nonprofit organizations help create strong support groups with other students, and they offer guidance where none has been provided. These organizations are staffed with caring individuals who understand your difficulties and work to give you the support you deserve. They also help seek out scholarships you might have missed and may advocate for eliminating educational barriers.

A Look at Nonprofit Assistance Organizations

Students know of the connection between income and post-secondary attainment, but all too often they can’t make inroads. Nonprofits that help you get into college were founded to bridge the gap between lower funds, student enrollment and degree attainment. Here are just a few nonprofits for you to consider:

The Posse Foundation

This organization supports students with great potential, inviting them to join a support group – posse – of fellow students through one of its chapter offices. Through this group, students become Posse Scholars and receive a full scholarship to one of the Posse Foundation’s partner colleges. The organization continues to support students until college graduation. Students must be nominated by a school or community organization with Posse membership.

Contact: Local Offices for Posse Foundation


OneGoal wants every student to succeed, and it recruits teachers to become Program Directors. These teachers receive additional training and work to motivate low-income or struggling students (in their own public schools) to maximize potential via coaching and credit-based OneGoal classes. Struggling students with hidden potential are given first priority to become OneGoal Fellows, where they receive personalized support, best matches for OneGoal partner colleges and college assistance for the first year.

Contact: Local Offices for OneGoal

College Possible

This organization offers support beginning in student’s’ junior year of high school, with the Junior Curriculum. The Senior Curriculum serves students in their final year of high school, and the College Curriculum is designed for assistance from college admission to graduation at one of the College Possible partner colleges. Coaches are AmeriCorps members committed to student success. Students not near one of the local offices may be qualified to receive virtual advising through CollegePoint.

Contact: Local Offices for College Possible

How to Determine If You Qualify

Not all nonprofit assistance programs have eligibility requirements set in stone. Some nonprofits work with specific schools and identify students in need, while others support selected metropolitan areas. Other nonprofits may require student nomination first. Your best bet is to reach out to the local offices of each nonprofit organization to inquire about any eligibility requirements or how you can submit your name for assistance. With a little help, you could be one step closer to your dream career.


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