Pre-Collegiate Summer Programs: Academics isn’t Everything

February 18, 2015

Many of are you are currently planning what to do during the summer. Some of you might have already applied! For those who have, before you start complaining and whining about your parents forcing you to go to summer school - on a college campus - read what Ethan, a sophomore from California, have to say about his unexpected experience! 

As a rising 7th grader in the summer of 2011, I wasn’t exactly that excited about going to Stanford’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes (SPCS Institutes) – otherwise known as an even more pompous name back then – “Education Program for Gifted Youth”.

I imagined it to be very mechanical and boring. I was enrolled for a 2-week residential program in Physics. I was a shy kid – and I still am – and I had never been to a residential camp before, so it was slightly intimidating. I imagined the camp to be just like school, only with nerdier kids and a heavier workload. All I wanted to do that summer was play video games at home instead with my best friends from school. Needless to say, I was upset, whiny and unhappy that my parents had made me apply for this program. 

Everything I imagined the camp to be turned out to be true – but I haven’t told you the whole story.

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