Princeton Accepts 6.1% of Class of 2021 Applicants

April 04, 2017

Princeton University sent out their admission results to the 31,056 students that submitted their applications earlier this year, the largest pool in the university’s history.

Of the total 31,056 applications, only 6.1% were offered admissions to Princeton’s Class of 2021. The lucky 1,890 students will have until May 1st to accept the offer, and the university is expecting a class size of 1,308 this year.

Princeton’s increase in applications saw a spike in Princeton’s Single Choice Early Action (SCEA) program, an 18.3% increase in applicants compared to last year. Of the 5,003 who applied early, 770 were accepted but are not obligated to enroll. This puts Princeton’s early acceptance rate at 15.3%.

In comparison, Princeton’s regular acceptance rate this year is 4.2%. Out of the 26,053 who applied regular decision, only 1,120 were accepted and 1,168 were put on a the waitlist. This incoming class is strong academically—40% of the applicant pool holds a 4.0 GPA and 45% scored over 1400 on the new SAT.

On top of being academically strong, the admitted students are also really diverse in background, income level and racial representation. 53.4% of admitted students self-identified as people of color, 63.8% attended public school and 18.9% are the first in their family to attend college.

Princeton follows the need-blind policy for both domestic and international students, so financial aid need will not put them at a disadvantage. The university’s financial aid program is committed to supporting to all admitted students. All aid is in the form of grants that do not need to be repaid so students can graduate debt free.

Congratulations to the Princeton Class of 2021! To those still waiting on results, good luck! Check out our list of major admission decision release dates here.

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Sources: Princeton


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