Quiz: What Is Your Study Spirit Animal?

March 25, 2016

​We all have different study habits. We typically start developing these key study habits in high school and fine-tune them in college. Of course, study habits can always change, but there are some things that will always still the same. Whether you are an auditory or visual learner won’t change overnight, but you can suddenly take a liking to coffee, or red bull if you’ve never tried it before!

Depending on your study habits, your spirit animal might be a…

Fish: Your spirit animal persona is similar to Dory from Finding Nemo - she forgets stories she’s told after just a few seconds. Textbooks mean nothing to you since it goes in one ear and out the next. You have highlighted almost every sentence of the page, but you still don’t have a clue what the mitochondria is. At least you know how to speak whaaaale!

Dog: You’re about as happy and excited as Doug from Up! Studying is your zone. You probably have a pencil pouch filled with highlighters of every color each signifying a different category. While most people dread putting hours in the library, you actually look forward to going. Friends are studying? You’ll bring the snacks and red bull!

Cat: Friends want to study with you? No, thank you. You do your best being in a library cube by yourself. You even have “your spot”. You’re the cat of your friend group. Everyone loves being around you, but when it comes time to study you need to be alone. Your study time is precious and no distractions are allowed. But bars at 12am? You’ll be there!

Parrot: Your worst nightmare is the silent section of the library. You get nervous just being in there and have a dying itch to talk to the person next to you. Your study time means being in a conference room with all your friends just chatting the night away. Four hours later, and you have just done the introduction of your 10-page paper. It doesn’t worry you; it just more time with the homies.

Turtle: You’re the perfectionist studier. However, it also means you’re the slowest. While your friends have finished 5 chapters in 2 hours, you’re still on the first. You keep reminding yourself that slow and steady wins the race. You may be slow but you’re thorough, at least you hope so.

Sloth: You’re a sloth when it comes to studying. It’s not that you mind doing it, but you’re just too lazy. Getting out of bed is already a mission, let alone getting yourself to your desk and being productive. You’re eventually going to get it done, but for now House of Cards is calling your name.

Lion: You study even before you need to study. You get right to work the day after syllabus day to get ahead. You’re like the lion mayor from Zootopia. Your classmates look to you for help since you’ve most likely finished the homework last week. You lead the pack, and you’re not afraid to show it.

Whatever your spirit animal, AdmitSee has you covered. Find other study hacks we’ve put together that might help you improve your test scores! If that’s still not working, create an account on AdmitSee and talk to a mentor about what’s solutions work best!

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Sylvia Trinh
Sylvia Trinh

A Bay Area native from Santa Clara, Sylvia is a senior at the University of San Francisco studying Marketing and Finance. In her free time, aside from kicking ass as an intern at AdmitSee, she loves to eat Korean BBQ, is a fan of racquet sports, and moonlights as an avid Yelper. ​She also speaks fluent Cantonese.

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