The 5 Best College Acceptance Videos on YouTube

November 02, 2015

In a world that is becoming more and more digital and connected with social media, college acceptance reactions have become highly popular online, especially on YouTube. If you haven’t seen these exciting, not to mention nerve-wracking videos, most tend to exhibit high school seniors getting their laptops or devices ready, of course freaking out, finally opening their application decision, and freaking out some more when they realize that they were admitted into their dream schools. What is so great about being able to document these reactions online is that they are so heartwarming and meaningful to the friends, family, and even strangers that these videos are shared with. On a more personal level, taping your reaction allows you to witness possibly one of the best moments of your life as many times as you would like in the future.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the most jaw dropping and uplifting college acceptance reactions on YouTube!

1. “New York University | Class of 2019 Decision”

In this first video, an international student from Bombay, India walks us through the story of her acceptance to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Class of 2019. She was at school one day and found out that a few of her classmates received rejection emails early from NYU… Talk about stressful! Luckily, she did not receive an email that day, and was emailed days later that she was accepted. Congrats, Aaila!

2. “Old Dominion University COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE REACTION”

In this next clip, a female student waits for her ODU decision with her family close by and her mom taking a video. Once the decision comes out, the reaction is priceless: everyone is jumping around, screaming and laughing. Talk about a supportive group! At the end of the video from behind the camera, the girl’s mother says, “You’ll make a change in the world. That’s the most important thing.” Wise words, Mom!

3. “My Reaction to University of Pennsylvania Acceptance”

I had to include this video, because the girl opening her Penn decision had the cutest dog in her lap! In all seriousness, having a little dog for encouragement was not the only thing that made this video great. This student was so convinced that she wouldn’t get admitted that it made her acceptance reaction all the more amazing.

4. “MIT acceptance reaction”

Props to this girl for opening her MIT decision on her phone in public! When she got up out of her seat, started jumping around, hugging people, and crying, I almost cried of joy myself. Anyone watching can really see this student’s dream coming true!

5. “Twins React to University of Pennsylvania Decision”

Last, but not least! This is actually my own acceptance reaction video for Penn. My sister and I both applied early decision, so we decided to take a video of ourselves opening our decisions together. Needless to say, we’ll be looking back at this clip during family reunions in the future.

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