This Week’s Feature: University of Michigan

August 20, 2015

University Feature

Founded: 1817

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Type: Public university

Size: Large

Undergraduate Students: 28,283

Campus Setting: Urban


Photo by VasenkaPhotography via Flickr

The Block ‘M’

A common campus myth is that if you step on the block ‘M’ in the Diag, you will fail your first blue book exam. Although students love to pose for cool Instagram or Facebook pictures with the ‘M’, you will always catch them awkwardly swerving around the forbidden area, never daring to invoke the seal’s wrath. According to this myth, if anyone were to step on the ‘M’ and wanted to reverse the curse, the only way to do so would be to run naked from the bell tower to the Natural History Museum at midnight. The catch is, you have to make it back to the bell tower before it stops ringing. That’s a bit too much work for my liking… my advice is, just don’t step on the ‘M’.

Feed a Squirrel

As you walk around campus, you’ll probably run into some odd-looking creatures that you might initially mistake for small dogs or mysterious furry spheres rolling around the ground. These globelike animals are actually overweight squirrels that have been fed too much by the university’s Squirrel Club, one of UMich’s most unique student groups. Contrary to what you might believe about interactions with wild animals, these chubby squirrels willingly approach people in hopes of receiving more food. They are gentle and are far from vicious (in fact, their weight slows them down considerably, so they won’t be doing anything too vigorous). You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to make a new little friend during your time at the University of Michigan!

Paint the Rock

Whether you’re a part of a club on campus or just having a dull evening, painting the Rock on the intersection between Hill and Washtenaw can be a very therapeutic and enjoyable event. The Rock is open for anyone to paint pretty much anything at any time, so all you need to bring is your bucket of paint and brushes to promote your student group, bond with your friends, or showcase your artistic abilities (or lack thereof). There is no need to even bring brushes if you don’t own any – massaging the Rock with paint on your hands can do the trick as well! You can quite literally leave your mark on campus and have fun while you’re at it.

Photo by Kelly Kline via Flickr


Attend a Michigan Football Game

It’s widely understood that you’re not a true U of M student unless you attend at least one Michigan football game at the Big House. The student section is full of spirit and school pride, and these games can bring a great sense of unity amongst different people at the university. Even if you’re not a football fan, you won’t go home disappointed – the spirit chants, the singing, and the collective booing to the opposing team will keep you energized and excited for days. Go to the games to also experience the show-stopping performances of the University of Michigan Marching Band during half time. Big House games are unlike any other collegiate sports games in the country. There is no better way to spend a portion of your Saturday than to hang out with your friends at the second largest stadium in the world.

Hill Auditorium

Known for having perfect acoustics, Hill Auditorium is a concert hall that all musicians at the University of Michigan get incredibly excited about. And who can blame them – the acoustics truly are amazing! A performer can be located anywhere on stage and the music will still sound like it’s directly in front of you. In fact, this concert hall is so well known in the music community that even world famous performers such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Elton John, and Lupe Fiasco, have held concerts there. You can’t leave Ann Arbor without watching a performance at Hill Auditorium!

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