Why I Chose to Attend a Women’s College

July 20, 2017

Though college admissions have become increasingly competitive, not all colleges are seeing an increase in applications. 

Last year, we wrote an article on Why Women Colleges Are Losing Funding to bring to our readers’ attention that not all colleges are thriving in a world where getting a college degree is more and more important. While women colleges may not be as popular as they used to be, there are a few colleges that still stand out. We asked one of our College Admits attending a women’s college why she decided to apply and enroll in one: 

Jodi’s Story

The idea of attending a women’s college may not be attractive to many young girls applying to college for many different reasons. Two of the biggest reasons I’ve heard why many girls do not want to attend a women’s college is that there is lack of male presence on campus, and that attending a women’s college must come with a great deal of drama. As a current student of a women’s college (Smith), I can assure you that none of these reasons have ever been an issue during my time in college.

The idea that going to a women’s college must be boring because there are no boys around is untrue. Going to a women’s college is just as fun as going to a coed college, and in my opinion is even more fun. The great thing about a women’s college is that students do not feel as though males dominate the classroom or are favored over female students, which is quite empowering.

Thinking that there is more drama at women’s college than at a coed college is also false, in fact I have found there is less drama. Most students attending a women’s college aren’t focused on guys but are focused on their studies, which leaves little room for drama with other girls.

The best aspects about attending a women’s college is the women empowerment on campus. Women are able to dominate inside and outside the classroom, and are free to express their beliefs without having to think about what their male counterparts will say about them. Because women dominate in the classroom, we receive an education where we feel as though we are equal men, which is important in a male dominant society. What’s great about a women’s college is that women are able to take classes that would be otherwise dominated by men, such as classes in the STEM field.

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I chose to attend a Women’s college because I feel as though I would be around a college of women always looking to empower each other. I have also found that I have come to value the friendships I have made with other girls, and that by attending a women’s college I am more prepared to take on a male dominated society.

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