5 Hacks To Landing Your Dream Internship

March 15, 2016

I know, I know.

Your peripherals took a quick glimpse and saw “Resume Basics” down below, and you’re probably thinking “Resume tips? That’s not a secret! Is this one of those generic guideline type articles? Like the one my career counselor Olga tries to refer me to everytime we meet? I came here for silver bullets - where are my silver bullets? Can’t believe I fell for another buzzfeed-esque titled blog. But wait. This guy is good. He’s reading my thoughts exactly as I’m thinking them… [tilts head slightly and squints] How is he doing this? Alright, I’m kinda impressed. I’ll read on. Worst case scenario I’ll get a kick out of his funny writing.”

By the way, I have a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of my articles. So let me know if you don’t benefit from this and I’ll refund you whatever you paid to read this. Anyways, let’s begin.

​Resume Basics

The most important thing is substance, followed by content, readability, then design. That is the hierarchy of your resume and remember the order. What does this mean? Substance is the actual work, experience, and skills you have - if you have the chance to increase this, do so, over the other three. For example, you can take an online course to gain tangible skills to complement what you’ve studied.

Content, is how you phrase your substance. Some might call it fluff. Strike a balance that doesn’t convey bullsh*t, but at the same time, is truly reflective of your efforts. Use buzzwords if it accurately describes what you did. Most importantly, throw in the impact you made and use active voice where possible.

Readability is how easy it is for someone to peruse your resume. I’m talking alignments, spacing, font type and size, etc. Best thing you can do is to hand it to a friend for feedback. Tip: keep it simple.

Finally, design is the visual enhancements and the nice-to-have’s. This is expected if you’re applying to a job as a designer, but again, keep it simple - this isn’t a heavy factor if the first three are taken care of!

Warming Up at Conferences

Your resume is ready, and now you’re about to attend your school’s job conference. Just like any sport though, you have to warm up. Do this by talking to recruiters that you have little interest in, and get into the groove of meeting people, giving a firm handshake, delivering your pitch and inquiring about opportunities. Plus, you never know, your dream job might be from the place you least expect it to be.

Interview Trick

You know the usual interview prep stuff, but here’s a useful trick: start the interview with some friendly chatter, like “How is your day? How long are you on campus for? Are you heading back home right after?” - you want to buid up good rapport. Remember their answer, because you want to send the thank you letter at the end of their round of interviews so your impression sticks. If you interviewed on the first day of a 7-day trip, don’t send it right away because they’ll probably forget you - or they’re too busy interviewing other candidates. Be tactful. If you’re unsure, send it two days later (on Monday if it’s a weekend) and first thing in the morning.

Networking Trick

Didn’t get selected? Sign up for LinkedIn Premium (free trial if it’s your first time) and start reaching out to managers at your ideal company and team. Show your inquisitiveness and willingness to learn. Most companies prioritize internal referrals, so it’s possible for this to turn into an interview. Worst case scenario: you learn more about a position of interest and expand your network by one!

Be Proactive

This is a general rule - and the most important one. Always go beyond and exceed expectations. For example, don’t let a minimum GPA requirement for an internship stop you from submitting an application. Instead, send an email to the recruiter explaining why you want the job, how they will benefit from your presence, and what you can do for them. Until you’ve received a written rejection, there is still a chance!

Good luck! Let me know your thoughts, what worked, what didn’t, and any questions you might have.

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About The Author

Ryan Kwok
Ryan Kwok

Ryan is from Hong Kong. He did some stuff at IBM, Barclays and Exicon Global but has now landed his dream job as AdmitSee’s Product Manager (in case his bosses are reading this). He loves to explore, snowboard and play music. He also enjoys writing but was never confident in his work. He’s actually writing this right now. Sup.

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