My Favorite Classes: William & Mary

September 28, 2015

This week, we’re headed to the College of William & Mary, where we gain some great insight into the interesting classes the school offers. Though the favorites vary from student to student, one thing is very clear: all departments have fantastic choices.

Modern Jewish and Christian Thought: Though this class sounds religiously charged, I was delighted to find that it was based heavily in critical thinking rather than preaching. The professor did an excellent job of engaging the students and challenging them to examine these two religions in terms of ideology behind them, foundations, beliefs and practices, etc. The majority of the classes took place in a discussion-based manner and the final paper was allowed to be written on the topic of the students’ choice as long as it pertained to the religious subject matter of the class. As such, the class was an open forum for free thought, discussion, and exploration of doctrines so many regard as ubiquitous. I gained totally new perspectives on beliefs I had taken for granted.

Modern (Dance) I: This class is an excellent choice for the general education requirement in creative arts or just for an educational and exercise-oriented class. I learned so many new dance techniques and all of the appropriate terminology to be able to refer to them. For example, using quick and short movements to heighten the drama of the dance piece are called “percussive movements.” The class lasts for an hour and forty-five minutes which is plenty of time to get a sweat on and relieve some stress from your other classes. Throughout the semester, the students will break off into groups and must choreograph a dance containing specific requirements from techniques learned in class. My team decided to choreograph our final dance to the Harry Potter theme song! Modern (Dance) I is a great opportunity to let your creativity flourish.

Physical Geography: This class is a fast-paced, vastly interesting option for a science course. We covered interesting topics like volcanoes, factors that cause thunderstorms and hurricanes, and different soil layers. You don’t have to have particularly advanced knowledge in the subject to do well in the course, but you definitely have to study and prepare for the assignments in advance. However, the work that I put into the class was definitely worth my while since many of the topics covered contributed to my understanding of world topics like global warming and the Keystone XL pipeline. I felt the course contributed to a well-rounded course load.

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