Success Is No Accident: Q&A With Tutree’s Founder Pranay Nath

April 06, 2016

This week, we have another Q&A - this time, with Tutree’s Founder Pranay Nath. He talks about everything, from creating a startup idea to a less-than-ideal job in the forestry department. 

Where did you go to high school? College? High School: DPS, New Delhi, India; College: Auburn University , Auburn, AL

What did you want to be when you grew up? Scientist, researcher

Can you recount the exact moment you came up with the idea for your startup?

I used Uber for the first time to go out. The experience was ecstatic. We were already running a small tutoring company and I wanted my customers to have the same experience of being able to get a tutor on demand when in dire need.

What’s your favorite piece of feedback / thanks you get from users?

Every time a student studies with our amazing tutors, there is an “aha” moment and a wow factor - “WOW you made this so easy to understand!” followed by a genuine thanks for the help our users get from the peer tutors.

Do you have a personal motto? Favorite quote?

Anyone can learn/achieve anything with repetitive practice- perseverance. Quote: Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. - Pele

Did you intern anywhere during college? If you could change those internships, what would you do differently?

No I did not. Most of my free time at college was spent teaching other students.

What was the worst job you ever had and what did you learn from it?

I worked as a lab assistant in the forestry department for a semester in college. I had to grind leaves from different regions in Southeast, which grad students had collected so they could run chemical tests on them. What I hated about the job was, I had to wear a mask all the time. I did learn to enjoy boring repetitive work and able to focus while doing it.

If you had a younger sibling graduating from college this year, what’s one piece of advice you would give them in choosing a career?

Choose a career in a field you have passion for, so you will enjoy every day of it.

What’s the biggest mistake a new employee can make?

Not pushing your boss to give you challenging work.

How many times do you hit snooze in the morning?

Zero. I automatically wake up at 7 AM. I hate alarms and hardly use them only if I have a flight to catch.

Describe a typical Monday.

With a startup, I am always working - even on Saturday and Sundays. So Monday is not a special day, but I get to see more people at the office!

Describe your perfect weekend to get some downtime.

Spend time with my family, see parents, go to Napa Valley

What are you reading right now?

Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury

If you could edit your past, what would you change?

If I could change my past, I should have gone to college in Northern California to be closer to Startup scene and start early

What’s the last thing you splurged on?

Last thing I splurged on was buying my tesla p90d

What do you consider the world’s best invention?

Airplanes - every time I fly, it still amazes me how human beings can fly such a huge machine.

Choose 3 people to have dinner with (dead or alive).

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk.

What smartphone app would you have a hard time giving up?

Google Maps.

What’s one activity / habit you wish you had time to pick up?


Who has the most influence in your life?

My dad.

What’s the worst piece of advice you ever received?

To quit my startup. Glad I didn’t take that advice!

When are you happiest?

When I am with my family.

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