Why These Students Chose USC (And Why You Should Too)

April 19, 2016

As the enrollment deadline approaches, high school seniors who were accepted to multiple schools are beginning to panic about where to commit. Many students have to consider the benefits of each program, financial aid, location, and ultimately, where they’ll be happiest. If the University of Southern California is on your list, maybe these USC students will help you make your choice:


Class of 2020

Not only is USC one of the top 10 architecture schools in the nation, but it is one of the only schools that has the complete campus feel while still being smack dab in the center of a large and vibrant city. The combination of being in the Los Angeles area and having the Trojan Alumni network area make me confident that I’ll leave college with a job.


Class of 2019

Money was huge factor. USC awarded me the Trustee Scholarship, giving me full-tuition for my undergraduate degree and therefore allowing me to graduate in 2019 without debt. Do not overlook the importance of your financial situation! Though debt right now may just seem like numbers, understand that after graduation, those numbers will become real-life, daily burdens that you will feel and experience. My program, the Iovine and Young Academy, also completely fit my interests. Through my application process, I looked for schools that could cater to my interdisciplinary needs. This program, through which I will earn a Bachelor of Science in the Arts, Technology, and Business of Innovation, encompasses all I looked for in a degree: flexibility between my passions in art and programming, smaller classes, and resources for success.



Class of 2019

I chose USC because of the Trojan family. Particularly for Business Administration, having that network will be useful in finding jobs and internships in the future. And growing up in a rural area my entire life, I’ve always been drawn to the city and Los Angeles is a phenomenal location regardless of my major. I have a huge interest in Tesla Motors and since they are based in California, I saw USC as a way to potentially seek a career there. While USC is nearly twice as expensive as my next choice school, I value the Trojan family and am willing to take on the loans and cost of attendance to access those connections. LA is also a hub for business and startups, unlike my second choice school (UIUC, business honors program).


Class of 2019

At the very end, I was completely torn between choosing USC’s Marshall School of Business and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in hopes of eventually being accepted into its Kenan-Flagler Business School. Both schools are certainly highly prestigious, social, and career-driven universities. However, when it came right down to it, the fact that I would be restricted to a 2 year business program at a university geared towards getting students a job on the East Coast made UNC a difficult school to choose when I had exactly what I wanted close to home, in downtown Los Angeles. The Trojan Family created by USC is something very difficult to turn down, especially since it thrives right where I live and want to live for the rest of my life. The security of its campus, the diversity of student body, the dining options on and off campus, and pretty much every other factor made USC and UNC equal schools for what I wanted to. It really came down to the fact that USC is in Los Angeles, Marshall is a 4 year business program, and I was invited to participate in the Global Leadership Program that allows me to travel to China Freshman Year to study international business.


Class of 2018

At the time of my decision, I narrowed down my options to my current school (USC), UCLA, and UC Berkeley. I had eliminated the other schools I was accepted into because of distance from home, cost, and opportunity/reputation. I decided on USC because 1) I received a merit based scholarship that covered half of my tuition and cut costs drastically, 2) It was close to home 3) It allowed me the flexibility I needed to explore, since I’m still not 100% certain what I want to do as my career (UC schools are phenomenal, but impacted; I didn’t want to risk going over 4 years) 4) It was a really good fit for me. The students were friendly, accommodating, and cooperative. There wasn’t that air of stress or cut-throat competition you could feel (and hear about) at the other schools.


College Students:
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Although very hardworking, I love to socialize with friends and make time to just relax. Also, I've always been interested in cars and working in the business aspect of the automotive industry.

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Operations analyst in the AWS industry. Graduated early from USC with degrees in business administration and environmental studies.

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Typical Student from Chicago who has had the best of the American/Hispanic Culture. As well, I applied to 25 schools

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