5 Questions to Ask Your College Interviewer

December 04, 2017

Don’t be surprised to open your email and receive an interview invite with one of the colleges you applied to! College interview season is here.

While the college interview is not mandatory, if you have the option to interview, make sure you don’t let that opportunity go to waste! College interviews give you the chance to show off who you are in person and make an impression on the college interviewer. Most interviews will be conducted with college alumni and are usually in a more casual setting like a coffee shop. So, don’t clam up or over rehearse your answers, and just be yourself! Here are 10 college interview questions to help you prepare and shake those nerves off.

It’s also just as important for you to ask your college interviewer questions! You’ll be meeting someone who went to the college you’re applying to. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the school and the campus culture. Are there any rumors you want to know if it’s true? Any concerns you have? Anything you’re interested to know more?

If you’re not sure what to ask, here are some questions to help you get started:

1. What did you enjoy most from attending ___?

2. Do you have any advice for me as an incoming freshman? What do you wish you know?

3. I’ve heard of these on-campus events/traditions. Did you participate in them? What’s it like?

4. Why did you choose this school over the other schools you were accepted to?

5. Is there anything you wish you could change about the school?

The point of these questions is to get some insight into how the college interviewer enjoyed his or her time at the college you applied to. Don’t ask any questions where you can find the answer to by doing some research, especially if they are program specific. Your college interviewer is unlikely to have studied the same major you’re applying to. So try to get a feel for what his or her college experience was like and if that’s a similar experience you’re looking for.

There are always more questions you can ask, but be judicious about how many questions you ask. Do not be overly aggressive and ask too many questions. After 2-3 questions, ask the interviewer if he or she has time for another one. Be considerate of the interviewers time. If there are any pressing questions, you can always mention it in your follow up thank you email!


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I hope that was helpful to applicants preparing for their college interview! If you’re still a little nervous, here is some student advice on what the college interview was like. You’ll get a better sense of the environment, what to expect and what the main takeaways are. For more application advice, try our Advice Search to get your application questions answered. 

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